Additional data fields (ADFs)

ADFs allow flexibility in the CMS to define different content types and structures. They can be configured for whole sections of the website, or individual pages


ADFs are additional data fields that allow users to add in specific content that cannot be added through the Rich Text editor.

In page ADFs

In the 'contenttype' table within your database, you need to define the ADF fields.

ADF must be included in the 'type' column within this table.

There are three main parameters that need to be set within the 'fields' column of this table. First you must give the ADF field a name which will then be used within the ADF viewpart to get the data. Then you need to define the ADF type, and then provide a title/name for the ADF which will then appear in the edit page. Separate each of these with a comma.


You can add multiple fields, each one should be separated by a line break.

In the settings column of the table, there are three main parameters to be set.  Seperate each of these with a comma, just like the fields column.


This needs to be set, otherwise you will not be able to add any number of sets within the editor. 


Set the limit of ADF sets of content that can be added.


Give the ADFs an general title.