Installation - Step by step

Step 1

You can download the latest version of SeeCMS from our downloads page. If you're trying SeeCMS for the first time we'd recommend you download the full package with sample content, that will give you a working website to play with.

Step 2

Extract the contents to your web hosting environment. The core, custom and plugin directories should be outside your public folder. Your public folder might be called something other than public, like public_html, htdocs, or something else. Copy the contents of the extracted public folder into your web hosting public folder.

Step 3

Create a blank MySQL database, along with a MySQL user with all privileges to it. You'll need to know the database name, username and password for the next step.

Step 4

Open your website in a browser and you should see the installation page.

Step 5

Complete your details. If you're trying SeeCMS for the first time select the SeeCMS 2015 theme, and install the sample content.

Once that's all done you'll get a confirmation on screen and an email too. You can change the settings you entered in the installation later in the custom/config.php file.

Enjoy using SeeCMS!