Open Source Content Management System

Giving you all of the tools that you need to manage your website, without a degree in IT!

SeeCMS is a powerful and intuitive tool that makes updating websites a breeze for techies and technophobes alike. Our content management system (CMS) lets you manage your website with ease, making updates a doddle, not a chore. SeeCMS features an intuitive interface, and has been developed over the past ten years with the administrator in mind just as much as the website end users.

And best of all, SeeCMS is an open source solution, meaning that it's available to all for free.

Built by See Green, SeeCMS powers hundreds of websites across business and the public sector.


Powerful Search Tools

Making it easy to find just what you're looking for

Bespoke Analytical Data Views

Know who's visiting your site, and from where

Drag and Drop Media Browser

It's easy to upload and manage your images and videos

Drag and Drop Downloads Browser

Visitors can download direct from your site, no matter what the format