This update includes the following fixes and improvements

Add ons

  • Fixed styling bug with the add on list


  • Updated loadLinkDetails method to return whole object in addition to other data for download links
  • Fixed scroll issue when selecting content
  • Fixed bug with ADF link URLS which including a hyphen being truncated
  • Fixed bug with ADF popup not loading in some circumstances
  • Fixed bug with adfMediaFolder selection option failure where there were multiple fields of that type on one page
  • Fixed bug with cascaded field not appearing on the main page as it should
  • Fixed bug with removing an ADF image from a set
  • Fixed bug with problem saving ADF set if a set was removed containing a tinymce


  • Added caching of previous monthly data
  • Updated view to exclude items which don't now exist
  • Updated view with various display improvements
  • Fixed bug with previous monthly data not loading


  • Added support for downloads to to loaded inline
  • Changed process order to check status before access
  • Fixed bug with document status not working
  • Fixed bug with redirect to login page not working for secured files
  • Fixed bug with permission inheritance not applying correctly on uploaded files
  • Fixed bug causing downloads not to track in analytics
  • Fixed bug with uploader on old browsers


  • Added support for hooks


  • Added ADF support to media
  • Added on the fly creation of missing media and removed the bulk creation on upload
  • Added selectable field in DB to allow image sizes to be hidden from user selection
  • Fixed bug stopping media edits saving
  • Fixed bug with uploader on old browsers


  • Added nextPage method
  • Added missing option to remove a page redirect
  • Fixed bug with exclude ADF option for pages
  • Fixed bug with page reordering within the same list/parent


  • Added ADF support to posts
  • Added option to feed method to allow results to be paged
  • Added option to feed method to allow ordering
  • Added id into data returned by post feed method
  • Added support for forcing a specific template for posts in a category
  • Added missing custom edit fields which were missing from posts
  • Updated feed method to include post categories and whole post object in return data
  • Updated CMS view to show eventStartDate rather than date if it's set
  • Fixed bug saving undated posts

Rich Text Editor

  • Added option to allow custom CSS in TinyMCE
  • Fixed bug with inserting original image size
  • Fixed bug where rich text editor popup was attached to content part which didn't appear on the page meaning content wasn't editable


  • Added websiteUsers to admin search


  • Updated core include to use require_once instead of include to overcome chain include problems in some third party plugins

SeePHP / Email

  • Added option to allow email attachment content to be passed directly, rather than it having to be a file on disk
  • Improved sendHTMLEmail method with updated headers/boundaries to resolve issues with some email systems

SeePHP / Format

  • Fixed problem with date method on Unix servers caused by strtotime returning negative integers where the dates are pre Unix Epoch

SeePHP / Form Process

  • Add a setting ['introHTML'] to allow extra content to be sent in the message
  • Removed the -SeeFormProcess-sendByEmail- input from the email
  • Fixed bug with bad HTML in message


  • Updated meta method to stop duplicate meta tags and allow overrides

SeePHP / HTML Form

  • Fixed bug with action path when page was loaded without ending /

SeePHP / Image

  • Fixed bug with PNG transparency

SeePHP / Social

  • Updated getTweets method to include tweet id and media url in return data

Website users

  • Fixed bug with loading ADFs for a website user on login
  • Fixed bug when updating website user caused error when any field was not included in the POST data
  • Fixed bug with removing users from groups
  • Fixed problem with login redirects being unset where the login page contained a GET parameter


  • Added doc and xlsx icons
  • Added XML Sitemap as standard /xmlsitemap/
  • Added generator, description and keywords meta by default to pages/posts
  • Changed name of IIS rewrite rule to SeeCMS (Only on new installs)
  • Fix minor issue in breadcrumb html