v3.43 release notes

This release contains the following updates:


- Fixed prepareSelectedLink method returning wrong URL for posts


- Updated to stop disabled downloads opening for admin users except in the CMS
- Add SeeCMS config option 'defaultDocumentStatus' to allow new downloads to be enabled by default


- Fixed on the fly creation of jpeg images


- Fixed issue with new pages not inheriting permissions
- Fixed issue with ascendants not updating correctly when a page is moved
- Fixed issue with routes not updating correctly when a page is moved


- Fixed issue with feed not including posts that had a commencement/expiry, even where it was in the active range
- Fixed issue with post folders creating a route when they shouldn't
- Fixed minor issue with layout of the routes section in posts edit screen

SeePHP / Email

- Fixed broken replyTo option


- Added support for including additional attributes with JS files

SeePHP / HTML Form

- Fixed issue causing some forms to have an incorrect action attribute of //

SeePHP / Social

- Fixed broken includeRetweets option



- Improved the header in the CMS to include the site name and look neater