v3.3 release notes

This update includes the following fixes and improvements


  • Fixed minor issues with mediaFolder and link types


  • Added support for using the GD image filter function, using the imagesize 'settings' field
  • Added support for embedding MP4 video


  • Bug fix / page title field wasn't reset after a new page was created
  • Bug fix / new pages now inherit the template from their parent when they are created, new primary pages take the first template in the list.
  • Improved layout of pages tree


  • Bug fix / after second save of the post the thumbnail image was lost
  • Bug fix / when deleting posts associated content wasn't all deleted
  • Bug fix / when deleting post folders the system left orphaned posts

Rich Text Editor

  • Bug fix / table properties could not be updated

Website users

  • Added jobtitle field
  • Implement user activation/deactivation options (Requires a manual update to the admin user role to allow admin user access to this feature)



  • Allowed multiple plugins to manage HTML output